President's Message March 2015


Hello, my name is Terry Thompson and I’m your Arkansas NWTF State president.  Exciting times are in store for the NWTF, not only here in Arkansas but nationwide as we embark in the new direction the Organization is heading in the Save the Hunt, Save the Habitat initiative over the next ten years.  I’m very excited to be working with such a strong and diverse state board and our membership is very lucky to have such talented people willing to donate so much of their time and effort  in helping to protect and enhance the state wildlife’s environment.   Over the last 25 years, turkey restocking efforts have been a great success all across the country and we now have in place a strong and stable enough population that any restocking efforts by local Game and Fish Agencies can be done from within their own areas.  While we were so involved in these efforts, something began to happen in this country that was so slow and hidden in nature it has now became a major issue for hunters nationwide.  Currently we are losing wildlife sustainable habitat acreage at the rate of 1/3 the size of the state of Tennessee per year.  This is equal to the size of Yellowstone Park and it will soon become something we cannot turn around if we don’t quickly get a handle on this situation.  It will take great dedication from hunters working hand in hand from all aspects of wildlife enjoyment to help in correcting and getting this turned back around in the future.  It will take commitment from all local chapters in fund raising efforts for us to do so.  It is our hopes to help expand many areas of public access across all sections of the state in the upcoming years as well as help increase the hunter numbers from our youth which normally may not have had the chance to experience the great outdoors here in the Natural State.  Mentoring hunts through Local chapters all across the state with these youth as well as adults on first time hunts and teaching them the benefits of the outdoors will also be part of the plan for the future of our Organization.  This is a very important part of our plan.  It ensures out rights and the love we all share in the outdoors will be protected in the future by those we educate.  Out Hunter Heritage is high on our list of protection efforts.  This will be a daunting challenge, an uphill battle but I have no doubt that the NWTF can and will overcome these obstacles which lay in our path ahead just as we did in turkey restocking efforts which we were told would be impossible.  Just as in 1973, there are those who say we can’t make a difference, for those who do, I say move out of the way and watch us go.  We are all family, we are strong and we are the kind of people in this great Organization who “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.”   It’s time to go to work and I hope you will join us.


Thank you,

Terry Thompson

Arkansas State President  NWTF